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Our advice concerning installation and use

Because we want you to work in the best conditions possible, you will find below our advice to assist with the installation of your posts:

  • First, how do you plant the posts ? Our posts can be planted with a mallet or a hydraulic/pneumatic machine. We recommend you to use a chuck or a dividing item to not deform the head of your posts. In rocky or stony soils, it is better to make a hole beforehand. 
  • Then, to have a perfect stability of your trellising, Cugnart posts should be set 50cm into the soil, for the heights between 1m40 and 2m; or 70cm for heights higher than 2m. Make sure the opening of the section is facing the slope.
  • The distance between the posts must not exceed 6m. If your vines has a lot of vegetation or is exposed to a side wind, we recommend a maximum distance of 4m.
  • The end posts have to be planted diagonally with an angle of around 70°. The post must be connected to the mooring by two tie rods
Advice scheme to install posts

If you have any questions concerning the installation of your Cugnart posts, do not hesitate and contact us.



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