The unique advantages of our vine posts

Qualities of our posts


The quality of the steel of our vine posts will make a difference regarding your trellising life span. It allows an easy positioning and comfortable use. This quality of our steel guarantees an optimum solidity and stability for many years. Your vine posts must be chosen depending on your region, your trellising mode/method and your soil specificities.

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What is a hot-dip steel post ? 

Hot-dip steel posts are made from raw steel sections, tempered in a pure zinc bath which boils at 450°c. This way, the zinc offers maximum protection to the stake on it’s whole surface.

The coating on every side guarantees a minimum of 30-year longevity to the stake.

Cugnart’s stakes are distinguishable from others thanks to their solidity and stability in the soil.

Piquet en Acier galvanisé au trempé

The European norms

Piquet, qualité et normes européennes, Le Piquet SAS

Cugnart hot-dip steel posts made with DD11 quality steel (or S235JR/S250), following/according to the EN 10204.2.2 Norm. The zinc coat of 55 microns on each face meets the EN ISO 1461 Norm.

Cugnart steel stakes are made with DX151D quality steel, according to the EN 10142 European norms.

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